Turning to iOS 5


Now that Apple has finished with updating its the Mac ranges and OS, the company can turn its launch efforts to finding a release date for iOS 5 and of course the iPhone 5! The company has had a busy day launching Lion, a new MacBook Air range and new Mac Mini’s however we can’t forget the anticipated iPhone 5 and its exciting software.

Apple has yet to mention the iPhone 5 however it has hinted at it, and we know Apple is preparing for an event in September which seems the likely date for the release. August is a month that needs to be watched though, as the iPhone and iOS 5 could appear sooner rather than later. The new iOS is said to be in it’s final beta stage which would hint that the final release of the software will be soon, it could even be within the coming weeks! As far as anyone is aware the software along with the iPhone 5 won’t be seen until Autumn which could be anywhere between September 23rd right the way through to Mid November. That might not seem that far away but personally i’d love to have iOS 5 now!

Obviously we need to consider the development of the iPhone 5, as this is a lengthy process and Apple may be no where near the finishing stage of the phone. Usually Apple release the upcoming phone in June/July however rumours of overheating could well be cause of it’s delay.

Well, I think we all want to see iOS 5 and the iPhone 5 sooner, so come on Apple put us out of our misery!


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