5 Reasons you should upgrade to Mac OS X Lion

There are many reasons you should upgrade your Mac systems to Lion, however we can’t list all of them so here are our top 5!

1. Full-screen applications

Various Included applications now support full-screen modes which allows you to focus on the one app running. You can swipe instantly between full-screen apps using a gesture on the mouse or Magic Trackpad, rather like multitasking on the iPad running iOS .

2. AirDrop

AirDrop is a great new feature that allows easy and quick wireless file transfers over wi-fi between two or more Mac computers, even if they aren’t connected to the same wi-fi network. When activated a secure ‘ad-hoc’ connection is created between the computers, though both must be running OS X 10.7 for it to work.

3. Autosave and Versions

Autosave continually saves changes you make to documents as you make them, without the need to ever manually save files. Versions saves multiple snapshots of work as you go along, allowing you to view your current version and old versions side-by-side to see the differences and revert to previous drafts.

4. Updated Mail application

Apple has updated the included mail application for OS X 10.7. It seems rather like the Mail app on the iPad, and adds support for a conversation view that groups together replies to the same message chronologically. A new full-screen mode keeps you focused on your message when writing.

5. Better Migration from Windows

OS X 10.7 Lion has a new migration tool for people who are switching from Windows to Mac. It will transfer documents, contacts, calendars, email accounts and photos stored in Picasa over your home network, adding them to the appropriate applications in OS X.


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